John Davis1

#1664, (7 February 1803-17 January 1890)
Father*John Davis2 b. c 1775, d. b 1840
Mother*Sally Barns2 b. 1774, d. Sep 1862
ChartsThe Davis' of Christchurch
Birth*7 FEB 1803 John Davis was born on 7 FEB 1803 at Christchurch, Hampshire, England.1 
Baptism25 FEB 1803 He was baptized on 25 FEB 1803 at Christchurch, Hampshire.1 
Marriage*15 SEP 1830 He married Ann Harbin on 15 SEP 1830 at Christchurch, Hampshire.3 
Marriage*11 JUN 1863 John Davis married Hannah Verge on 11 JUN 1863 at Christchurch, Hampshire.4 
Death*17 JAN 1890 John Davis died on 17 JAN 1890 at Christchurch, Hampshire, aged 86.5 
Residence*30 MAR 1841 He and Ann Harbin lived at Meeting House Lane, Christchurch, Hampshire, England, together with Eliza Jane Davis, John Davis and Mary Ann Davis.6 
Residence*30 MAR 1861 John Davis lived at Millhams Street, Christchurch, Hampshire, England.7 
Residence30 MAR 1871 He and Hannah Verge lived at Christchurch, Hampshire.8 
Occupation*1881 The occupation of John Davis was 'Bricklayer.9
Residence*30 MAR 1881 He and Hannah Verge lived at Vine Cottage, Millhams Street, Christchurch, Hampshire, England.9 
Note*23 JAN 1890 John Davis "His death certificate was issued by a coroner following an inquest held 23rd January. Cause of death was recorded as “shock and exhaustion consequent on extensive burns sustained on the 16th January owing to his clothes having accidentally caught fire”. on 23 JAN 1890.10 


Ann Harbin b. 1805, d. Sep 1860
Marriage*15 SEP 1830 He married Ann Harbin on 15 SEP 1830 at Christchurch, Hampshire.3 
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