Vashti Emily Shears1

#7152, (20 July 1881-June 1954)
Charts The Wansburys of Shoreham
Birth*20 JUL 1881 Vashti Emily Shears was born on 20 JUL 1881 at Islington, Middlesex, England.1 
Baptism23 SEP 1881 She was baptized on 23 SEP 1881 at St Mary's Church, Islington, Middlesex, England.2 
Marriage*25 DEC 1902 She married Frank Collis, son of John Anthony Douglas Collis and Sarah Wansbury Hayman, on 25 DEC 1902 at St Peter's Church, Islington, London, England.3 
Marriage*13 APR 1913 Vashti Emily Shears married Henry Wilfred Coome on 13 APR 1913 at St Peter's Church, Islington, Middlesex, England.4 
Death*JUN 1954 She died in JUN 1954 at Islington, Middlesex, aged 72.5 
Married Name25 DEC 1902 Her married name was Collis.3 
Married Name13 APR 1913 Her married name was Coome.4 
Residence*1929 She lived at 20a Samuel Lewis Buildings, Liverpool Road, Islington, London, England, together with Vashti Emily Collis and Frank James Collis.6 


Frank Collis b. Sep 1876, d. Dec 1909
Marriage*25 DEC 1902 Vashti Emily Shears married Frank Collis, son of John Anthony Douglas Collis and Sarah Wansbury Hayman, on 25 DEC 1902 at Islington, London.3 
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