William Titchener

#226, (6 December 1783-16 January 1852)
Father*William Titchener1 b. c 1755
Mother*Mary Titcomb2 b. 20 Mar 1769, d. Jul 1843
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Name Variation William Titchener was also known as Tichener.3 
Birth*6 DEC 1783 He was born on 6 DEC 1783 at Sevenhampton, Highworth, Wiltshire, England.4 
Baptism28 DEC 1783 He was baptized on 28 DEC 1783 at Highworth, Wiltshire, England.5 
Residence*1805 He lived at Sevenhampton, Highworth, Wiltshire.6 
Note*bt 1805 - 1811 He took up employment in Kent with Mr Bartholemew Spain, tenant farmer, sometime bt 1805 - 1811 at Park Gate Farm, Chelsfield, Kent, England.6 
Residenceb 27 APR 1812 He lived at Chelsfield, Kent.6 
Employment*b 27 APR 1812 He was employed as a Farm worker for Mr Bartholomew Spain b 27 APR 1812 at Chelsfield, Kent.6 
Marriage*27 APR 1812 He married Fanny Meekhams, daughter of Richard Meekhams and Elizabeth Moyer, on 27 APR 1812 at St Mary the Virgin, Horton Kirby, Kent, England.7 
Residence*MAY 1812 William Titchener and Fanny Meekhams lived at Cockerhurst, Shoreham, Kent, England.8 
Employment23 MAR 1841 William Titchener was employed as Labourer.9 
(Witness) Employment30 MAR 1851 He witnessed the employment of Richard Stacey on 30 MAR 1851 at Cockerhurst Farm, Shoreham, Kent, England.10 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1851 William Titchener lived with Richard Stacey and Anne Titchener at The Cottage, Cockerhurst Farm, Shoreham, Kent, England, together with James Titchener, William Stacey, Anne Stacey, Eliza Stacey and Richard Titchener.10 
Death*16 JAN 1852 William Titchener died on 16 JAN 1852 at Shoreham, Kent, aged 68.11,12 


Fanny Meekhams b. Oct 1782, d. 31 Dec 1845
Marriage*27 APR 1812 He married Fanny Meekhams, daughter of Richard Meekhams and Elizabeth Moyer, on 27 APR 1812 at Horton Kirby, Kent.7 
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