Kathleen Minnie Stacey1

#2818, (March 1904-May 1994)
Father*Henry Stacey2 b. Jun 1863, d. Dec 1935
Mother*Agnes Harriet Ware2 b. Mar 1877, d. Sep 1938
ChartsWilliam Stacey's descendants
John Streatfeild's descendants
Birth*MAR 1904 Kathleen Minnie Stacey was born in MAR 1904 at Chelsfield, Kent, England.1 
(Witness) Residence2 APR 1911 She lived with Henry Stacey and Agnes Harriet Ware at Fairlawn Cottage, Pratts Bottom, Chelsfield, Kent, England, together with Percival Henry Stacey, Mary Anne E Stacey, Lilly Stacey, Ethel Stacey, Edith Stacey and Charles Stacey.2 
Married NameDEC 1925 Her married name was Baker.3 
Marriage*DEC 1925 Kathleen Minnie Stacey married William A Baker in DEC 1925 at Chelsfield, Kent.3 
Death*MAY 1994 Kathleen Minnie Stacey died in MAY 1994 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, aged 90.4 


William A Baker b. Sep 1897, d. Mar 1964
Last Edited15 Mar 2015


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