Michael Galton Jefferies

Father*Frank William Jefferies b. 27 Apr 1908, d. 18 Oct 1994
Mother*Edith Elsie Galton b. 24 Jun 1904, d. 28 Jun 1987
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Marriage*21 SEP 1968 Michael Galton Jefferies married Marilyn Mead S.R.N., daughter of Charley Mead and Florence Mary Gough, on 21 SEP 1968 at Ebenezer Chapel, St Mary Street, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, witnessed by Edith Elsie Galton, Peter Stacey Jefferies, Frank William Jefferies, Irene Alice Dibben, Charley Mead, Florence Mary Gough, Muriel Jane Mead S.R.N. and Terence Mead.1 
Marriage*19 DEC 1998 Michael Galton Jefferies married Marion Brown on 19 DEC 1998 at The Old Rectory, Braidwood, NSW, Australia.2 


Marilyn Mead S.R.N. b. 2 Jun 1943, d. 14 May 1990
Last Edited19 Feb 2017


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