Relationship charts for some of the lineages in this site.

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  • The 'English' Jefferies The descendants of Peter Button Jefferies, son of Jonathan Jefferies and born on 31 January 1841 in Sible Hedingham, Essex.
  • The 'American' Jefferies The descendants of Henry Jefferies, Peter Button's brother, son of Jonathan Jefferies, born 15 December 1842, Sible Hedingham, Essex. His eldest son, Jonathan Henry, emigrated to Florida, USA, and was followed by the rest of the family in November 1892, after Henry's death in Streatham, London.
  • The Harringtons of Castle Hedingham The descendants of John Harrigton born on 20 July 1787 at Castle Hedingham, Essex.
  • The Galtons of Poole The descendants of Thomas Galton, born circa 1775, probably at Poole, Dorset.
  • The Davis' of Christchurch The descendants of John Davis from Christchurch, Hampshire, born about 1775.
  • The Gatrells from Christchurch The descendants of Thomas Gatrell born in Christchurch, Hampshire in 1780. One son, Isaac was transported for life to Australia in 1833 and never returned; his descendants are widespread in Australia.
  • The Smiths of the Deepings The descendants of Joseph Smith, born in London around 1822 but whose family came from the Deepings in South Linconshire.
  • The Bettles of the Deepings The descendants of John Read Bettles whose descendants came from Market Deeping in Linconshire but who was born in Islip, Nothants.
  • The Palmers of Deeping St James The descendants of Philip Palmer, b. 1795.
  • The Todds of Rutland & the Deepings The descendants of Isaac Todd from Stretton in Rutland and then of the Deepings, South Lincolnshire.
  • The Lanes from Chelsfield The descendants of James Lane, born in Chelsfield, Kent in 1768 but with ancestors from Orpington.
  • The Titcheners of Chelsfield The descendants of William Titchener, born in December 1783 at Sevenhampton in North Wiltshire, who went to Chelsfield, Kent about 1805 for work.
  • The Staceys of Shoreham The descendants of William Stacey and Eleanor Streatfield from North West Kent.
  • The Wansburys of Shoreham The descendants of William Wansbury, born in 1737 in Kent, probably at Shoreham.
  • The Streatfields from Farningham The descendants of John Streatfeild, born in 1740, at Charcott, Kent but who lived at Farningham and Otford. One of the many Streatfeild lines descended from Robert Streatfeild, born 1540, of Chiddingstone, Kent.


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