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The DNA page describes what a recent DNA analysis of M.G.Jefferies has revealed so far.

The Jefferies families

The families that are ancestors and descendants of Frank William and Edward John Jefferies.
  • The Jefferies of Streatham The descendants of Peter Button Jefferies of Streatham, son of Jonathan Jeffries of Sible Hedingham, Essex.
  • The 'American' Jefferies The children of Henry Jefferies who moved to Florida in the period 1880 to 1892, and their descendants.
  • The Staceys & Wansburys These families are from Chelsfield and the surrounding area
  • The Titcheners The descendants of WilliamTitchener from Wiltshire.
  • The Streatfeilds The Streatfeilds / Streatfields / Strutfields/Stratfields of Kent, descendants of Robert Streatfeild of Chiddingstone.

The Galton families

The families in the ancestry of Edith Galton of Poole, Dorset. 


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