The name Jefferies and its variants Jeffries, Jeffrys, Jeffreys and so on, is common in southern England, especially in the south west around Bristol. However my first known ancestor Jefferies come from the north east of Essex and the adjoining parts of Suffolk. In the early 1800's there were several Jeffries families associated with Sible and Castle Hedingham with some connection to the malting and brewing trades and also as bootmakers.  In the surrounding area there are more Jefferies families and I suspect there are family connections to Sudbury in Suffolk and Chelmsford and Colchester in Essex. 

The line reliably starts with Jonathan and Harriet who had three sons, William (1839), Peter (1840) and Henry (1843). Jonathan Jefferies was baptised in Sible Hedingham on 18 December 1807 with his parents given as Jonathan and Maria.  Jonathan junior married Harriet Button on 1 June 1838. She was born in Blakenham near Ipswich in Suffolk (her father was a farmer) and it is said that she eloped with Jonathan when he was the family coachman though we have no direct evidence for this. They were married in the parish church at Gosfield, a small village south of the Hedinghams with her brother, Peter Skipper Button and an Ann Jefferies (who may be a sister or cousin) as witnesses, and not near her family home, which is unusual for the time. 

The Jefferies moved from Sible Hedingham to Streatham at some time before 1861, the 1861 census records are lost for the area.  In spite of the loss of the records it appears that  the head of the family, Jonathan, went to work as a coachman for the Rev Stenton Eardley, the first vicar of Immanuel Church, Streatham. Jonathan died in Streatham just before the 1871 census. Once there Peter Button worked on his own account as a bootmaker and this business survived in the family till after WW2.  Peter married a Harrington, Sarah, daughter of James Harrington  in 1874 at Castle Hedingham after Peter had moved to Streatham.  According to Sarah's obituary in 1928, Peter and Sarah met again in Streatham because she was there for work also and had the common ground of the same village background.  One of her Harrington relatives was a bootmaker in the Hedinghams and I suspect Peter received his training from him but his father-in-law, his father and many others were bricklayers.  No Jeffries/Jefferies definitely known to be related to Jonathan are recorded in the Hedinghams in the 1861 census.  

The Harringtons are a large family in the area, going back to the 1650's in Essex.  It is difficult to see who is descended from whom as there are many duplicate names with similar birth dates.  It is a work in progress.

Henry Jefferies married Martha Atkin from Mavis Enderby in Lincolnshire in 1870 and they also lived in Streatham, first in the same road as his brother Peter. Henry was a house painter and is said to have died from lead poisoning at the age of 49 in 1892. His eldest son, Jonathan Henry Jefferies, went to the USA in 1888, and the rest of the family followed after Henry's death - this is dealt with on the 'American' Jefferies page.  The American links came to light through Sally Howard, a descendant of George Atkin Jefferies on that line.

The first son of Jonathan, William, died in Streatham at age 30 having never married.


The descendants of Peter Button Jefferies of Streatham, son of Jonathan Jeffries of Sible Hedingham, Essex.