The surname 'Stacey' is widespread in the south of England, particularly Surrey, Berkshire and to the west.  It was believed that the Staceys covered here were from an extensive family based in Godstone, Surrey, but research by descendants of this family over a number of years do not support the hypothesis so more work is needed (July 2016).

William, borne in Nutfield, east of Redhill, Surrey in 1793, married Eleanor Streatfield in Eynsford, Kent in 1819, and then they moved a number of times back and forth between Surrey and Kent ending up at Twitton in Kent.  The reasons for the moves are not recorded, Willam was a shepherd, but it does seem that agricultural workers moved with their farmers when the farmer moved to take up another tenancy as described by Edward Titchener in his family history.  This is recorded for other family members in the 1800's.

His son, Richard, born 1820 in Shoreham, Kent; became a ploughman and won prizes for it. He too, moved regularly from farm to farm eventually settling at Chelsfield.  He married Anne Titchener, daughter of William, originally from Wiltshire, in 1846.  His youngest son, John, born in 1854, started work at the age of 10 carting water for the farm where his father worked and then prgressing to looking after the horses on the farm before becoming a gardener at Broke Lodge in Chelsfield.  From there he moved to Streatham as a gardener in Peeds nursery in Brixton and, by 1881, as a gardener for Mr John Lomas in Norfolk House, Streatham about the time of his marriage to Mary Wansbury.  His diary of the time records the weather and the work involved including what was planted and harvested.

Sometime between then and 1891 he became self-employed by starting up a greengrocers shop in Mitcham Lane, Streatham where my grandmother Gertrude grew up.

John's older brother William stayed in Chelsfield where he ran the post office for a number of years and also married the elder sister of Mary Wansbury, Emma Dinah Wansbury.

The Wansburys are a family concentrated on the NE of Kent and east Surrey, particularly around Bromley & Tonbridge and seem to be very localised.  Their descendants need further study and their antecedents are unclear.  There are spelling variations including Wansberry.

The Staceys and Wansburys are from North West Kent and eastern Surrey.