Relationship charts for some of the ancestral lineages on this site. Those with DNA matches to myself or others in the family are coloured to contrast with the default colours of male and female.

PLEASE NOTE:-  The charts in this section are large to very large, and you will have to scroll round the screen to view the whole.

The Jefferies families

Descendant charts for some of the Jefferies families including Jefferies, Harrington, Stacey, Wansbury, Lane, and Streatfield.

The Galton families

The Galton families including Galton, Grady, Davis, Smith, Todd, Palmer, Bettles and Woodward.

The Mead Families

The Meads from Edlesborough and the surrounding villages in Buckingham and Bedford Shires.

The Gough families

The Gough & Jones families from North Wales and the Buntings from Staffordshire. 


Each person in the chart can be accessed by clicking on his or her name. Hovering the pointer over a name will show the full name and dates of birth & death where known.

As this is an ongoing work, please report any errors and further information, which is always welcome, to me, Michael Jefferies.