The families originating around Wrexham and the Welsh Borders.

The Goughs originally were from Denbighshire; the earliest known are Robert Gough, born 30 October 1778 at Brymbo, an old village known for coal mining for centuries.  It is next to the town of Wrexham. It is likely that the Goughs were coal miners generations before Robert.

There is a short article on the Noth Wales coalfleds on Wikipedia and this is a quote  "In north Wales, the Flintshire manors of Ewloe, Hopedale, and Mostyn and the Denbighshire manor of Brymbo were recorded as making profits from trading coal during the 14th and 15th centuries. By 1593, coal was exported from ports on the Dee estuary. Trade developed swiftly and by 1616, the principal collieries were at Bagillt, Englefield, Leaderbrook, Mostyn, Uphfytton and Wepre. Most were horizontal adits or shallow bell pits, although a few were sufficiently large to have accumulations of water and ventilation problems.  In the Denbighshire Coalfield, the areas of Chirk, Ruabon and Wrexham became heavily industrialised and exploited large deposits of iron, coal and clay. The last pit here, the Bersham Colliery closed in 1986 when it became uneconomic.

For anyone interested there is a web site for Wrexham History HERE covering its history and industries with an index of notable persons and graves etc.

In the mid 1800's coal mining had developed widely and Robert's son, also Robert Gough,  moved east to the Potteries, mainly at Hanley as a miner and his children married into familes from there. The families moved back and forth over the years between the Potteries and Wrexham. 

Later Robert's son David Gough (1844-1917), moved into the east Yorkshire coalfields as a coal miner, and settled in Castleford, which figures largely in family history. David married Ann Bunting at Burslem in the Potteries and had 10 children, manly in Yorkshire but they retired to Wrexham before the 1891 census and became a Fruiterer and Confectioner.

Two of these children are of direct relevance to the family of Mailyn Mead; Osborne Leonard Gough, the 8th child, and Ethel Florence Gough, the 9th. Both were born in Wrexham.  Osborne is Marilyn Mead's great-grandfather and was a coal miner in the mines around Castleford before going off to France in WW!.  He was killed at Bullecourt on the 3rd May 1917.

The story of his death was a mystery from some time, his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Jones remarried in 1920 and she had two children with her second husband, Charles Ellis.  After exhaustive research, by Marilyn's sister Hilary and her husband, it turns out that Osborne was recorded n the WW1 Army records and on the War Graves Commission memorial as Leonard Gough Osborne!

Back to Osborne's sister Ethel.  She married Walter Matthews, 20 years her senior, an iron moulder.  After WW1 they moved to Dunstable where he was a Steward at the Golf Club.  On the remarriage of her brother Osborne's widow Sarah, Osborne's daughter Florence Mary Gough moved to live and work at the Golf Club.

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