Fanny Meekhams1

#227, (October 1782-31 December 1845)
Father*Richard Meekhams2 b. Oct 1746
Mother*Elizabeth Moyer2 b. c 1750
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The Titcheners of Chelsfield
Birth*OCT 1782 Fanny Meekhams was born in OCT 1782 at Shoreham, Kent, England.3 
Baptism3 NOV 1782 She was baptized on 3 NOV 1782 at St Peter & St Paul's Church, Shoreham, Kent, England.4 
Marriage*27 APR 1812 She married William Titchener, son of William Titchener and Mary Titcomb, on 27 APR 1812 at St Mary the Virgin, Horton Kirby, Kent, England.5 
Death*31 DEC 1845 Fanny Meekhams died on 31 DEC 1845 at Cockerhurst Farm, Shoreham, Kent, England, aged 63.6,7 
Name Variation She was also known as Meacomes.4 
Residence*1810 She lived at Park Gate Farm, Chelsfield, Kent, England.8 
Married Name Her married name was Titchener.5 
Name Variation27 APR 1812 She was also known as Meekoms.9 
Residence*MAY 1812 She and William Titchener lived at Cockerhurst, Shoreham, Kent, England.2 


William Titchener b. 6 Dec 1783, d. 16 Jan 1852
Marriage*27 APR 1812 Fanny Meekhams married William Titchener, son of William Titchener and Mary Titcomb, on 27 APR 1812 at Horton Kirby, Kent.5 
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