Frank Stephenson Titchener1

#319, (June 1891-1966)
Frank Stephen Titchener, ca 1918
Father*John Thomas Titchener b. 1853, d. 1 Feb 1920
Mother*Lucy Ann Latter b. Jan 1861, d. Oct 1940
ChartsThe Titcheners of Chelsfield
Birth*JUN 1891 Frank Stephenson Titchener was born in JUN 1891 at Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, England.2 
Marriage*1946 He married Ruby Alexandra ? in 1946 at Melbourne, VIC, Australia.3 
Death*1966 Frank Stephenson Titchener died in 1966 at Melbourne, VIC.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1901 He lived with John Thomas Titchener and Lucy Ann Latter at High Street, Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, England, together with Christopher James Titchener, Percy Gordon Crockford Titchener, Harriet Amelia Titchener, Emily Mary Titchener and John Wesley Titchener.5 
Residence*2 APR 1911 Frank Stephenson Titchener lived at Alywnth, Naunton, Gloucestershire, England.6 
Employment*2 APR 1911 He was employed as Farm Assistant.6 
Occupation1914 The occupation of Frank Stephenson Titchener was 'Farmer, his occupation on enrolment.7
Milit-Beg*9 DEC 1914 He began military service on 9 DEC 1914 at Guildford, WA, Australia.7 
Milit-End*28 FEB 1919 He ended military service on 28 FEB 1919 at Australia as Corporal. Mentioned in dispatches for controlling horses while under fire.7 
Residence1925 He lived at Ardath, WA, Australia.8 
Occupation*1925 The occupation of Frank Stephenson Titchener was 'Farmer & Secretary, Progress Association.9,10
Name Variation He was also known as Kitchener.11 
Residence1936 He lived at Fairlawn, Herne Hill, Swan, WA, Australia.12 
Employment1936 He was employed as Stud Manager.12 
Residence1937 He lived at 160 Napier Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.11 
Employment1943 He was employed as Stable Hand.13 
Residence1943 He lived at 26 Eglinton Street, Moonie Ponds, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.13 
Employment1949 He was employed as Laboratory Assistant.14 
Note*SEP 1965 He applied for benefits under the Repatriation Act in SEP 1965 at Melbourne, VIC.7 
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