The Streatfeilds / Streatfields / Strutfields/Stratfields of Kent, descendants of Robert Streatfeild of Chiddingstone.

The Streatfeilds and Streatfields in this family history are from east Surrey, north Sussex, especially the Weald & north west Kent. The first reliable record for the families covered here is Robert Streatfeild of Chiddingstone, born in 1514. He was an Iron Master and Wool Merchant.  

All known descendants of Robert Streatfeild of Chiddingstone that were born up to 1918 are on the companion website, The Streatfields, where one should go for other branchs of this particular family.  Please remember there are other Streatfield families in Kent and others in Sussex as well as more widely.  It is not established if these families share common roots with those descendants of Robert Streatfeild of Chiddingstone.

On this site are covered the male and female descendants of John Streatfeild, born in Leigh in 1740, to the present day. John appears to have moved from the ancestral family in the area around Chiddingstone and, after his marriage to the widow Mary Wilds, nee Gates, in Sevenoaks in 1772, he and family moved to the north and east to Farningham, Stansted and Halling and then beyond.  This family has been very comprehensively researched by various descendants of John Streatfield of Leigh; especially Malcolm Streatfield, Trevor Gibbons & Ron Ellis.

The convention used here is to use the spelling 'Streatfield" for all descendants of John, born 1740, though this spelling was used before this time and the distinction is artificial for early uses. Some descendants of Robert, 1514, who remained in the Chiddingstone area have retained the 'Streatfeild" spelling and still live in the area and a few have reverted to using Streatfeild from Streatfield.

NOTE:-  The spelling of the surname is very variable and includes Strutfield, Stratfield, Streetfield as well as the two above.  Some records record variants in official records but not all.