Eleanor Booker1

#581, (1826-28 May 1895)
ChartsThe Titcheners of Chelsfield
Birth*1826 Eleanor Booker was born in 1826 at Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG, father Elvey Booker.2 
Baptism7 MAY 1826 She was baptized on 7 MAY 1826 at St Peter & St Paul's Church, Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG.3 
Employment30 MAR 1851 She was employed as House Maid, for John Woodhams Fox household. at Farnborough, Kent, EnglandG.4 
Marriage*OCT 1851 She married James Titchener, son of William Titchener and Fanny Meekhams, in OCT 1851 at Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG.5 
Married NameOCT 1851 Her married name was Titchener.1 
Residence*4 APR 1881 Eleanor Booker and James Titchener lived at Two Brewers Beer House, Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG, together with Thomas Cheeseman.6 
(Witness) DeathJAN 1884 Eleanor Booker witnessed the Death of James Titchener in JAN 1884 at Shoreham, KentG.7 
Residence*30 MAR 1891 Eleanor Booker lived at Shoreham Street, Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG.8 
Employment*30 MAR 1891 She was employed as Domestic Servant.9 
Death*28 MAY 1895 She died on 28 MAY 1895 at Shoreham, KentG.10,11 
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