Richard Wansbury1

#1894, (1812-March 1866)
Father*John Wansbury2 b. Apr 1774, d. Jun 1843
Mother*Mary ?2 b. 1781, d. Mar 1852
Charts The Wansburys of Shoreham
Birth*1812 Richard Wansbury was born in 1812 at Halstead, Kent, England.2 
Baptism25 OCT 1812 He was baptized on 25 OCT 1812 at St Margaret's Church, Halstead, Kent, England.2 
Marriage*18 JAN 1835 He married Rachel Liney on 18 JAN 1835 at Halstead, Kent.3 
Death*MAR 1866 Richard Wansbury died in MAR 1866 at Halstead, Kent.4 
Residence30 MAR 1841 He and Rachel Liney lived at Brickyard, Halstead, Kent, England, together with James Wansbury.5 
Residence30 MAR 1851 Richard Wansbury and Rachel Liney lived at Ricketts Folly, Shoreham, Kent, England, together with John Blundell, James Wansbury, Charles Richard Wansbury, Sarah Wansbury and Edward Wansbury.6 
Employment*30 MAR 1861 Richard Wansbury was employed as Agricultural Labourer.7 
Residence*30 MAR 1861 He and Rachel Liney lived at Cottage, Halstead, Kent, England.8 
Residence30 MAR 1861 Richard Wansbury and Rachel Liney lived at Halstead, Kent, together with Sarah Wansbury, Edward Wansbury, Emily Wansbury and Walter Wansbury.7 


Rachel Liney b. 1816, d. Sep 1902
Marriage*18 JAN 1835 Richard Wansbury married Rachel Liney on 18 JAN 1835 at Halstead, Kent.3 
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