A  family genealogy of my ancestors and the ancestors of my children's mother.

A lot of the information on this site applies to my close relatives such as my brother and his children, and my cousins.  It does not follow the ancestors of most persons who are spouses of genetically related persons (cousins in the widest definition) except in rare cases such as my cousin David's mother's ancestors. 

Each of the four main family lines had their own group of pages as set out in the links on the left; the Jefferies; Galtons, Meads and Goughs.

The family sections hold the ancestor and descendant charts and DNA information for each family.  There are some references to DNA matches that, currently, have no documented links but are otherwise genetically related.

The first section  on DNA provides general information on the tests take, by whom and how to access them.  This page is DNA Research.

The last section, that of Resources, has functions general to all families such as the Search Function; the Help and Hints page; the Updated Individuals list, the Surname and Place Indices; and the Background.

More information is held than appears here.  Further information and corrections are most welcome via the email address link at the bottom of any page.

Michael Jefferies,  Jul 2024