A  family history of the Jefferies, Galton, Stacey, Streatfeild, Wansbury, Titchener, Lane, Smith, Todd, Davis, Gatrell and Bettles families and their connections

The Background to this web site and Links to other resources about these families are described on the links in the menu at the left. At the bottom of every page is my name and email address and when the web site was updated last.

The main focus of my research in the future is the information provided by the DNA results on family members this year, 2019. This means the site will be updated regularly, remember to always reload the site every visit to clear your browser cache.

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If you have a particular interest in the Streatfields originally from around Chiddingstone in Kent then explore the site www.streatfield.info which covers that family up to 1918 for all the known descendant lines of Robert Streatfeild, born 1514. 

More information is held than appears here.  Further information and corrections are most welcome via the email link at the bottom of any page.


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With the DNA testing of family members more changes to the site are underway.