A  family genealogy of my ancestors and the ancestors of my children's mother leavened by the advent of Autosomal Genetic Testing and analysis.

With the DNA testing of family members more changes to the site are underway focussed on building on the results.

The list of Updated people shows the changes since the last update.

A new set of Stories pages are being developed which will describe the families, their work, and movements and significant places, to the present day.  Attached to the stories pages are maps of the locality where the family was active with markers showing places referred to.

There is a How to use  page; please read it!

The Pedigee icon in red under the person's identification number on each person's page accesses a chart with more family names for that person. This is also used for the Pedigree Charts in the menu on the left.

The Background to this web site is detailed on the Background page.

More information is held than appears here.  Further information and corrections are most welcome via the email link at the bottom of any page.

Michael Jefferies,  June 2021

Family Origins - Jefferies, Stacey, Galton, Smith.
The places of origin for families on this site.