This Section holds those pages that are not specific to one of the 4 family lineages; including the Search Function, Indices for Places and Names, recently updated and added persons, information on DNA test results, help with the Site, the background and history,etc.

Revised December 2022.

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  • Updated individuals Changes may be minor or not apparent to the user but does indicate the individual's page has been reviewed on the date listed above the citations list on that person's page.
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  • Surname Index
    An index of all surnames included in this database. The number in brackets show how many times the surname appears. For very well represented surnames the Search Page is a quicker way of finding individuals and allows the use of wildcards in finding name variations and dates.
  • Places Index
    This index lists places recorded in this site. Place names with persons recorded at that place are in red, both on the individual's page and here and clicking on the place name will show a list of the persons recorded from that place.

    Places with a blue spot with the letter 'i' will take you to a description of the place and/or family associated with the place. To return to the index press the browser left arrow.

    On most browsers the index can be searched using Control-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac), for quicker access to a place and then clicking on the place name.

    There are inconsistencies with names of parts of large towns, due to changes over time, both in England and elsewhere; for example places now in London suburbs formerly in the surrounding counties may appear under London or the original County.
  • Background

    The background and history of this site.

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