Enos Miles1

#963, (August 1863-December 1916)
Father*James Miles1 b. 1818, d. Mar 1890
Mother*Ann Blundell1 b. 1822, d. Dec 1884
Birth*AUG 1863 Enos Miles was born in AUG 1863 at Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG.2 
Baptism9 AUG 1863 He was baptized on 9 AUG 1863 at St Martin of Tours Church, Chelsfield, Kent, EnglandG.3 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1871 He lived with James Miles and Ann Blundell at Well Hill, Chelsfield, Kent, EnglandG, together with John Miles, Amy Elizabeth Miles, James Noah Miles, George Miles and William Miles.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1881 Enos Miles lived with James Miles and Ann Blundell at Well Hill, Chelsfield, KentG, together with James Noah Miles.5 
Marriage*DEC 1885 Enos Miles married Harriet Sarah Wheeler in DEC 1885 at Bromley, Kent, EnglandG.6 
Employment*30 MAR 1901 Enos Miles was employed as Labourer, fruit grower.7 
Residence*30 MAR 1901 He and Harriet Sarah Wheeler lived at Well Hill, Chelsfield, KentG.7 
Death*DEC 1916 Enos Miles died in DEC 1916 at Chelsfield, Kent, EnglandG, aged 53.8 
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