Edith Smith1

#968, (July 1879-January 1944)
Father*Henry Smith2 b. 12 Feb 1847, d. Oct 1912
Mother*Ellen Haynes2 b. 23 Feb 1855, d. Dec 1921
Birth*JUL 1879 Edith Smith was born in JUL 1879 at Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG.1 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1881 She lived with Henry Smith and Ellen Haynes at Shacklands, Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG, together with Eliza Smith, Annie Smith and Thomas Blatcher Haynes.3 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1891 Edith Smith lived with Henry Smith and Ellen Haynes at Crown Road, Shoreham, Kent, EnglandG, together with Ethel Smith, Minnie Smith, Eliza Smith, Thomas Blatcher Haynes and Herbert Smith.4 
Employment*3 APR 1911 Edith Smith was employed as Housemaid, domestic.5 
Residence*3 APR 1911 She lived at St Catherines, Cadogan Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, EnglandG.5 
Death*JAN 1944 She died in JAN 1944 at Tonbridge, Kent, EnglandG, aged 64.6 
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