George Michael Fitzpatrick1

#1184, (21 August 1943-2 January 2010)
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Birth*21 AUG 1943 George Michael Fitzpatrick was born on 21 AUG 1943 at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USAG.2 
Marriage*17 OCT 1970 He married Gail Arden Jefferies, daughter of George Atkin Jefferies Jr. and Rosemary H Heffernan, on 17 OCT 1970 at Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USAG.3 
Divorce*9 JAN 1981 George Michael Fitzpatrick and Gail Arden Jefferies were divorced on 9 JAN 1981 at El Paso, El Paso, TexasG.4 
Death*2 JAN 2010 George Michael Fitzpatrick died on 2 JAN 2010 at Utah, USAG, aged 66.5 


Gail Arden Jefferies b. 30 May 1947, d. 20 Sep 2019
Last Edited1 Jul 2020


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