Margaret Belly1

#1594, (1741-17 April 1826)
Father*John Belly2 b. 1720, d. Dec 1797
Mother*Hannah Ward b. 1720, d. 18 May 1749
ChartsThe Gradys of Dorset.
Birth*1741 Margaret Belly was born in 1741 at Compton Valance, Dorset, EnglandG.3 
Marriage*26 MAY 1761 She married John Grady, son of Edward Grady and Margaret Loop, on 26 MAY 1761 at Lady St Mary Church, Wareham, Dorset, EnglandG.4,5 
Note*25 AUG 1798 Margaret Belly The three persons entered on this will are Margaretta Grady, widow of John Grady, Thomas Delacourt, ?maker, and William Waterman, shopkeeper. on 25 AUG 1798 at Wareham, Dorset, EnglandG.6 
Death*17 APR 1826 She died on 17 APR 1826 at The home of many Galtons, Gradys and others families.G.3 
Burial*19 APR 1826 She was buried on 19 APR 1826 at Wareham, DorsetG.3 


John Grady b. 1731, d. 9 Mar 1798
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