Henry Dering1

#2314, (1788-1875)
Father*Henry Dering2 b. 1733
Birth*1788 Henry Dering was born in 1788 at Pennsylvania, USAG.1 
Marriage*1825 He married Martha Winslow in 1825 at PennsylvaniaG.3 
Residence*13 SEP 1850 Henry Dering lived at Benezette Township, Elk, Pennsylvania, USAG, together with Charles Dering, Catherine Dering, Cyrus E Dering and Edward G Dering.4 
Occupation*13 SEP 1850 The occupation of Henry Dering was 'Mill Wright.5
(Witness) Residence27 AUG 1870 He lived with Cyrus E Dering at Burlington, Licking, Ohio, USAG, together with Cora E Dering and Charles H Dering.6 
Death*1875 Henry Dering died in 1875 at Burlington, Licking, OhioG.7 

Family 1

Martha Winslow b. 1790, d. 1840

Family 2

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