Issac Gatrell1

#2385, (1814-12 January 1867)
Father*Thomas Gatrell1 b. 1780, d. 14 Jul 1831
Mother*Mary Preston1 b. 1786
ChartsThe Gattrells of Christchurch, Hampshire.
Birth*1814 Issac Gatrell was born in 1814 at Christchurch, Hampshire, EnglandG.2 
Employment*FEB 1833 He was employed as Farm Servant.1 
Criminal23 FEB 1833 He was convicted of Housebreaking, sentenced to death, but commuted to transportation for life on 23 FEB 1833 at The Assizes, Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandG.3,1 
Note* He wrote a letter to his sister Ann around 1833. "My sister dear remember me and bear me in your mind and donte let me be quite forgot now i am in close confinedam your unhappy brother remember me in gaiol for ( eight) long mounths i am here confined and then to take my trial thougts of this makes me quite sad when on my bed i lie to think how i am drawn away all by bad companyever should be my happy lot to gain my liberty ten thousand thank ill offer then uto the lord  moust highhear the voice of my complant receive my humble cry send me deliverance from this place back to my cuntryme not my dear affectente sister sister dear do pray for me that i may be forgiven and if we meet no more on earth may we both meet in heaven forget me not my dear afectenet sister but allways remember me your poor unfortunate brother
                                                                           Isaac Gatrell.4  
Criminal26 JUN 1833 He was incarcerated on 26 JUN 1833 at Prison Hulk Hardy, Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandG.5 
Emigration*3 NOV 1833 He emigrated on 3 NOV 1833 from Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandG, on 'Aurora' to Sydney, NSW.1 
ResidenceDEC 1833 He lived at 'Saltram', Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaG.6 
Note He worked for Thomas Icely, MLC, at his grant, 'Saltram' near Bathurst and must have gone to 'Coombing Park' as Icely developed it and then Carcoar itself after1840 when the town was gazetted.6 
Criminal*10 JAN 1842 He was given a ticket of leave to remain in the District of Carcoar on 10 JAN 1842 at Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaG.7 
Criminal1 SEP 1848 He was given a conditional Pardon by Governor FitzRoy on 1 SEP 1848 at Sydney, NSW, AustraliaG.8 
Marriage*6 MAY 1853 He married Frances Best, daughter of William Best and Mary Ann Barnes, on 6 MAY 1853 at St Paul's Church, Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaG.9,10 
Residence*1860 Issac Gatrell lived at NSW, AustraliaG.11 
Residence7 MAY 1866 He lived at Carcoar, NSWG.12 
Death*12 JAN 1867 He died on 12 JAN 1867 at Mandurama, NSW, AustraliaG.13,14,15 
Burial*13 JAN 1867 He was buried on 13 JAN 1867 at Carcoar, NSWG.13,16 


Frances Best b. 1837, d. 9 Aug 1911
Marriage*6 MAY 1853 He married Frances Best, daughter of William Best and Mary Ann Barnes, on 6 MAY 1853 at Carcoar, NSWG.9,10 
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