Jean Florence Lane1

#5253, (5 December 1920-2 April 2009)
Father*Josiah Lane1 b. 14 Sep 1880, d. Mar 1925
Mother*Winifred Alice Lindsey1 b. 24 Jun 1885, d. 27 Sep 1967
ChartsThe Lanes from Chelsfield, Kent.
The Streatfields of Farningham, Kent.
Birth*5 DEC 1920 Jean Florence Lane was born on 5 DEC 1920 at Stroud Green, Middlesex, EnglandG.1 
(Witness) Residence29 SEP 1939 She lived with Winifred Alice Lindsey at 49 Victoria Road, Hornsey, Middlesex, EnglandG.2 
Employment*29 SEP 1939 Jean Florence Lane was employed as Clerical Civil Servant, Ministry of health.2 
Marriage*MAR 1948 She married Ronald Alexander Price in MAR 1948 at Wood Green, Middlesex, EnglandG.3 
Death*2 APR 2009 Jean Florence Lane died on 2 APR 2009 at Tregaron, Dyfed, WalesG, aged 88.4 
Note* A descendant of James Lane & Dinah Streatfield; muliple matches with the Jefferies family.5,6,7 


Ronald Alexander Price b. 15 Mar 1920, d. Oct 2005
Last Edited20 May 2020


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