Edna Lavinia Florence Bettles1

#6034, (23 May 1913-12 September 2002)
Father*James Frederick Dickson1 b. 21 Aug 1885, d. 20 Sep 1917
Mother*Ada Leila Rogers1 b. 1890, d. 26 Feb 1924
Birth*23 MAY 1913 Edna Lavinia Florence Bettles was born on 23 MAY 1913 at Perth, WA, AustraliaG.1 
(Witness) Residence1918 She lived with Ada Leila Rogers at 26 Hanover Street, North Perth, Perth, WA, AustraliaG, together with Eileen Ada Bettles and Herbert Frederick Bettles.1 
Occupation*1937 The occupation of Edna Lavinia Florence Bettles was 'Dressmaker.2
Residence*1937 She lived at 7 Waylen Street, Guildford, Perth, WA, AustraliaG.2 
Milit-Beg*30 MAY 1942 She began military service on 30 MAY 1942 at Guildford, Perth, WA, AustraliaG.1 
Milit-End*8 AUG 1944 She ended military service on 8 AUG 1944 at Perth, WAG.1 
Education*4 DEC 1952  From 4 DEC 1952 Edna Lavinia Florence Bettles was educated at Morisset, NSW, AustraliaG.3 
Residence1968 She lived at Mental Hospital, Morisset, NSW, AustraliaG.4 
Death*12 SEP 2002 She died on 12 SEP 2002 at Morisset, NSWG, aged 89.5 
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