James Sargeant1

#9659, (1833-September 1910)
Father*William Sargeant1 b. 10 Jul 1791, d. Nov 1872
Mother*Mary Skinner1 b. 1792, d. Jun 1863
ChartsThe Skinners of Raunds, Northants.
Birth*1833 James Sargeant was born in 1833 at Morborne, Huntingdonshire, EnglandG.1 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1841 He lived with William Sargeant and Mary Skinner at West End, Morborne, Huntingdonshire, EnglandG, together with Harriet Sargeant and Sarah Ann Sargeant.2 
Residence*30 MAR 1851 James Sargeant lived at Orton Waterville, Huntingdonshire, EnglandG.3 
Marriage*MAR 1856 He married Alice Hayes in MAR 1856 at Peterborough, Northamptonshire, EnglandG.4 
Residence*30 MAR 1871 James Sargeant and Alice Hayes lived at Elton, Huntingdonshire, EnglandG, together with Elizabeth Hayes, May Sargeant, William Sargeant and Harry Sargeant.5 
Residence30 MAR 1881 James Sargeant and Alice Hayes lived at Pickworth, Rutland, EnglandG, together with William Sargeant, Harry Sargeant and James Sargeant.6 
Residence30 MAR 1901 James Sargeant and Alice Hayes lived at Great Casterton, Rutland, EnglandG.7 
Death*SEP 1910 James Sargeant died in SEP 1910 at Stamford, Lincolnshire, EnglandG.8 


Alice Hayes b. 28 Jul 1835, d. Sep 1915
Marriage*MAR 1856 He married Alice Hayes in MAR 1856 at Peterborough, NorthamptonshireG.4 
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