Jonathan Jefferies' youngest son, Henry Jefferies, was born in Sible Hedingham in 1842, and married Martha Atkin from Mavis Enderby in Lincolnshire at Partney Church in July 1870. As far as is known Henry moved to Streatham from Sible Hedingham when the rest of the family did before 1861 as described in the notes on the 'English' Jefferies.  Where and how he met Martha is not clear; she was a domestic servant in Lincolnshire at the 1861 census.  After their marriage they lived first in the same road as his brother Peter. Henry was a house painter and died of kidney failure, it is said from lead poisoning, at the age of 49 in 1892. He is buried in the Norwood Cemetery in South London.

His eldest son, Jonathan Henry Jefferies, went to the USA in 1888, aged 17, and settled in Florida where he became a horticulturalist with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and worked to improve the citrus industry by breeding citrus varieties. He married Rose Alice Smith who was the daughter of Benjamin Smith who was born in Sible Hedingham, Essex as had Jonathan's father Henry.  This suggests that Jonathan Henry may have had some contact with the Smith family that encouraged him to emmigrate, but how and when this happened has not been discovered.

His brother, George Atkin Jefferies followed him in 1891, after receiving a letter from his brother, and became a meat and wholesale grocery merchant in Jacksonville, Florida.  He married Sarah Louise Hind from Georgetown, FL, whose father Thomas came from Worksop in Nottinghamshire. Thomas Hind was a Republican Senator for District 26, Florida in 1889.

3 months after Henry's death in 1892, Henry's widow Martha and their four daughters all emigrated to Florida on the 28th November 1892.  Daughters Jane, Martha and Hannah all married and all five of Henry's children have descendants in the United States.

The American links first came to light in any detail through Sally Howard, a descendant of George Atkin Jefferies on that line although earlier contacts had been made through letters in the late 1930's and 1940's between Albert Henry Jefferies who inherited his father's boot business and Harriette Jefferies, Sally's mother and daughter of George Atkin Jefferies.

The 'American' Jefferies Descendant chart shows the currently recorded family.



The descendants of Henry Jefferies, whose children all moved to Florida in the period 1880 to 1892.