Tom Galton's wife, Sally Ann Davis, came from Christchurch, then in Hampshire.  Her father, James Davis was a cordwainer (maker of new shoes) though his father, also John, seems to have been a bricklayer.  Sally's mother was Ann Gatrell, daughter of Thomas Gatrell.  In Ann's bible, dated 1835, there are a list of family births, especially of her daughter's, (Sarah Ann Davis) son Harry Galton, born in 1877.  Also there is this letter below and as spelt from her brother Isaac Gatrell.

"My sister dear remember me and bear me in your mind and donte let me be quite forgot now i am in close confined  i am your unhappy brother remember me in gaiol for ( eight ) long mounths i am here confined and then to take my trial  the thougts of this makes me quite sad when on my bed i lie to think how i am drawn away all by bad company

if ever should be my happy lot to gain my liberty ten thousand thank ill offer then uto the lord  moust high lord hear the voice of my complant receive my humble cry send me deliverance from this place back to my cuntry

forget me not my dear affectente sister 

my sister dear do pray for me that i may be forgiven and if we meet no more on earth may we both meet in heaven forget me not my dear afectenet sister but allways remember me your poor unfortunate brother                                                                            Isaac Gatrell "

Research show that Isaac was sentenced to death for housebreaking, commuted to transportation for life to New South Wales, where he arrived on 3 November 1833.  He was then sent to Carcoar near Bathurst.  In July 2015, it was established he did survive, received a conditional pardon, marry and acqure land in the district.  His descendants from his 5 daughters have been added as far as possible though neither of his two sons had descendants.

The Davis ancestors seem to have come to Christchurch from the villages north and east of Christchurch, including the New Forest.  There is a suggestion of a connection to the Isle of Wight for both Davis and Gatrell.

The Davis family from Christchurch in Hampshire with possible links to the Isle of Wight.