Mary Anne Gore1

#7378, (December 1871-March 1937)
ChartsThe Davis' of Christchurch, Hampshire.
Birth*DEC 1871 Mary Anne Gore was born in DEC 1871 at Newbury, Berkshire, EnglandG.1 
Residence*30 MAR 1891 She lived at Folly, Greenham, Berkshire, EnglandG.2 
Marriage*DEC 1896 She married John Alfred Davis, son of John Davis and Mary Bishop, in DEC 1896 at Newbury, BerkshireG.3 
Residence*30 MAR 1901 Mary Anne Gore and John Alfred Davis lived at But Meadow, Woolhampton, Berkshire, EnglandG, together with Edward Ernest Gore, Winifred Davis, Dorothy Davis and Harriett Davis.4 
Residence2 APR 1911 Mary Anne Gore and John Alfred Davis lived at The But Cottage, Aldermaston Wharf, Berkshire, EnglandG, together with Dorothy Davis, Harriett Davis, Jack Davis, William Davis, Irene Davis, Walter Gilbert Alfred Davis and Hector Davis.5 
Death*MAR 1937 Mary Anne Gore died in MAR 1937 at Aldermaston Wharf, Berkshire, EnglandG, aged 65.6 

Family 1


Family 2

John Alfred Davis b. Sep 1868, d. Sep 1930
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