Henry James Ashdown1

#5413, (December 1859-March 1947)
Father*Henry James Ashdown2 b. 1831, d. Apr 1905
Mother*Fanny Streatfield2 b. 1837, d. Sep 1921
ChartsThe Streatfields of Farningham, Kent.
Birth*DEC 1859 Henry James Ashdown was born in DEC 1859 at Wrotham, Kent, EnglandG.3,1 
Baptism15 DEC 1859 He was baptized on 15 DEC 1859 at St George, Wrotham, Kent, EnglandG.1 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1861 He lived with Fanny Streatfield and Henry James Ashdown at Wrotham, KentG, together with Eliza Burnett.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1871 Henry James Ashdown lived with Henry James Ashdown and Fanny Streatfield at Fairseat Road, Stansted, Kent, EnglandG, together with Benjamin John Ashdown, William Ashdown, Alice Ashdown, Mary Ashdown and Walter Ashdown.5 
Employment30 MAR 1881 Henry James Ashdown was employed as farm servant, indoors.6 
Employment*30 MAR 1881 He was employed at Joines Farm, Stansted, Kent, EnglandG.6 
Marriage*MAR 1891 He married Frances Ellen Stone in MAR 1891 at Dartford, Kent, EnglandG.7 
Residence30 MAR 1891 Henry James Ashdown and Frances Ellen Stone lived at Ash Street, Ash next Ridley, Kent, EnglandG, together with Mahala E Janes and George Offyn Janes.8 
Employment30 MAR 1901 Henry James Ashdown was employed as Waggoner on Farm.9 
Residence*30 MAR 1901 He and Frances Ellen Stone lived at Old Soar Farm Cottages, Plaxtol, Kent, EnglandG, together with George Offyn Janes, Harriet Fanny Ashdown, Henry Herbert Ashdown, Frederick Cyril Ashdown and Mary Florence Ashdown.9 
Residence2 APR 1911 Henry James Ashdown and Frances Ellen Stone lived at 7 Whatcote Cottages, Wrotham, Kent, EnglandG, together with Frederick Cyril Ashdown, Mary Florence Ashdown, Ivy Ethel Ashdown, Hilda Lily Ashdown, James Victor Edward Ashdown and Henry Herbert Ashdown.10 
Death*MAR 1947 Henry James Ashdown died in MAR 1947 at Maidstone, Kent, EnglandG, aged 87.11 


Frances Ellen Stone b. 1860, d. Jun 1944
Marriage*MAR 1891 He married Frances Ellen Stone in MAR 1891 at Dartford, KentG.7 
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