Edward Hooper1

#9100, (28 August 1830-14 January 1899)
Father*John Street Hooper1 b. 1803, d. Mar 1890
Mother*Mary Grady1 b. 1807, d. 13 Mar 1888
ChartsThe Gradys of Dorset.
The Chinchens & Standleys of Dorset.
Birth*28 AUG 1830 Edward Hooper was born on 28 AUG 1830 at Wareham, Dorset, EnglandG.2 
Baptism25 DEC 1830 He was baptized on 25 DEC 1830 at West Street Independant Chapel, Wareham, Dorset, EnglandG.2 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1841 He lived with Mary Grady at Wareham, DorsetG, together with Mary Hooper, Alfred John Hooper, Jane Hooper, George Hooper, Francis Hooper and Stephen Hooper.3 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1851 Edward Hooper lived with John Street Hooper and Mary Grady at 67 East Street, Wareham, Dorset, EnglandG, together with Edward Thomas Galton, John Galton, George Hooper, Alfred John Hooper, George Hooper, Francis Hooper, Stephen Hooper, Henry Hooper and Jane Hooper.4 
Marriage*25 DEC 1863 Edward Hooper married Elizabeth Ann Bates on 25 DEC 1863 at Kooringa, Burra, SA, AustraliaG.5 
Death*14 JAN 1899 Edward Hooper died on 14 JAN 1899 at Gisbourne Hospital, Gisborne, North Island, New ZealandG, aged 68.6 
Burial*17 JAN 1899 He was buried on 17 JAN 1899 at Makaraka Cemetery, Gisborne, North Island, New ZealandG.7 
Note* There is a DNA link to Donnamaree Lindley, 3 generations from this person, names private.8 


Elizabeth Ann Bates b. Dec 1840, d. 7 Jun 1894
Marriage*25 DEC 1863 He married Elizabeth Ann Bates on 25 DEC 1863 at Kooringa, Burra, SAG.5 
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