Richard Stacey1

#2791, (13 January 1851-September 1927)
Father*Robert Stacey2 b. Jun 1825, d. Mar 1865
Mother*Sarah Titchener2 b. Nov 1821, d. Jun 1904
ChartsThe Staceys of Surrey & Kent.
Birth*13 JAN 1851 Richard Stacey was born on 13 JAN 1851 at Godstone, Surrey, EnglandG.3 
Baptism23 FEB 1851 He was baptized on 23 FEB 1851 at St John the Baptist, Blindley Heath, Surrey, EnglandG.1 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1851 He lived with Mary Ann Titchener and Richard Divall at Yew Tree Cottage, Godstone, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Robert Stacey, Sarah Titchener, Sarah Titchener and Fanny Stacey.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1861 Richard Stacey lived with Sarah Titchener and Robert Stacey at Hooley Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, EnglandG, together with John Stacey, Fanny Stacey, George Stacey and Mary Ann Stacey.5 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1871 Richard Stacey lived with Sarah Titchener at Coulsdon, SurreyG, together with John Stacey, George Stacey, Mary Ann Stacey and Alice Stacey.6 
Employment*30 MAR 1871 Richard Stacey was employed as Gardener.6 
Marriage*28 JUL 1875 He married Mary Porch on 28 JUL 1875 at St John's Church, Croydon, Surrey, EnglandG, witnessed by Fanny Stacey.7,8 
Employment30 MAR 1881 Richard Stacey was employed as Gardener.9 
Residence*30 MAR 1881 He and Mary Porch lived at Meaburn House Garden, Wandsworth, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Mary Stacey and Alice Stacey.9 
Residence30 MAR 1891 Richard Stacey and Mary Porch lived at Meaburn House Stables, Wandsworth, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Mary Stacey, Richard Stacey and Minnie Stacey.10 
(Witness) Marriage22 OCT 1906 Richard Stacey witnessed the marriage of Ernest Smith and Ada Fanny Bartlett on 22 OCT 1906 at St Mary, Acton, Middlesex, EnglandG.11,12 
Residence2 APR 1911 Richard Stacey and Mary Porch lived at 23 Sulina Road, Brixton, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Richard Stacey and Mary Stacey.13 
Death*SEP 1927 Richard Stacey died in SEP 1927 at Brixton, Surrey, EnglandG, aged 76.14 


Mary Porch b. 6 Jul 1848, d. Jun 1923
Marriage*28 JUL 1875 He married Mary Porch on 28 JUL 1875 at Croydon, SurreyG, witnessed by Fanny Stacey.7,8 
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