Links to the surnames Jefferies, Button, Skipper from Essex & Suffolk.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Jefferies, Parminter, Button, Keer & Skipper.

There are two 3rd cousins to me, MGJ, descendants of Peter Button Jefferies, #7 and Sarah Harrington, #9.

The first is Heather S Jefferies, #3859 descended from Peter Button's eldest son, William Frederick, #10. The DNA share is 99cM on 4 segments.

The second is Vivienne Upton, #2597, descended from Peter Button's second son, Peter James, #11. The DNA share is 139cM on 9 segments. 

The link between the English and American descendants of the Jefferies is very well supported by a number of tests at 4th & 5th cousin level all descended from Henry Jefferies whose family went to Florida after Henry's death.  The pivotal one is to Sally Howard, nee Underwood, #932, who is descended from Henry's second son, George Atkin Jefferies #88 and who has been a major contributor to the family history. There are also matches from descendants of Jonathan Henry, #87, Henry's eldest son, to Lee Collins, #105, Martha Fanny Jefferies, #91, to Sue Diefenbruch, #330 at only 16cM on one segment and Jane Jefferies, #89, to Julie Ruth Stearns, #1414, with 41cM on 4 segments.  A number of other 4th cousin matches are known, varying from 34cM downwards and with shared matches to other American lines, but not worked out fully as yet.  The main matches are on chromosome 17 around B37 start at 3480000 and some on chromosome 22 at B37 start at 2778000. Sally Howard also has a match on chromosome 14 at 55879000.

Further back there are a number of matches that suggest a connection to families from Sible Hedingham, the birthplace of Peter & Henry Jefferies' father Jonathon.  The main link is to three matches with the surname of Cheasley and linked names including Pugh & Pickford. It now seems that the Cheasley family is descended from the parents of Charlotte Britton (through her sister Lettice), who has been suggested before as the mother of Jonathon Jefferies but, until now, not verifiable from documentary data.  It is now verified that a record link to the Cheasleys has been made, now to explore the other names.

Otherwise links to the Button side, from Harriet Button, #4, have not been established.

Page updated on 25/10/19.