The families of Galton, Grady, Anstey & Standley from East Dorset.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Galton, Mudford, Anstey, Johnson, Grady, Belly & Standley.

Elaine Mathieson, nee Galton, #200, my 1st cousin, daughter of my mother's brother shows as a 1st cousin so no surprise there! The shared DNA is 919cM on 45 segments.

There is a 3rd cousin link to Corinne Wells, a descendant of Harry Galton, #183 & Harriet Squibb, #189 my grandfather's brother, through their daughter Rosa Lillian Galton, #190.

The Canadian descendants of Susanna Pelly Anstey, #2086 and Thomas Galton, #917 are identified. The family that went to British Columbia were the Locks from Guernsey in 1912, see Agnes Mary Waterman, #3255 and her grand-daughter, Beverly Clark, #8627. This is significant because it established for certain that this Thomas Galton is the earliest confirmed ancestor of our Galton lines. In addition it has opened up another ancestral line to the Ansteys which are the subject of a One-Name study and will require some more study on the ground.

Another recent link back to Thomas Galton & Susannah Pelly Anstey is to the grandson of Malcolm Henry Alexander McNeill, 1909-1990 (Andrew J Scott) at 9cM on 1 segment.

There are more possible links to the Galton and Waterman lines on Ancestry but, so far, without confirmation. For example there is a DNA match to Peter Waterman at a significant level, 43 cM on 3 segments. A recent cluster analysis has identified two matches to Linda Bourne & 'danrob2014', that are significant but no confirmed links to known relatives have been identified so far.

More DNA cross matching may prove useful in the future.

Updated on 25/11/19.