The descendants of Robert Streatfield.

The Streatfields of Kent are rather distant on our family origins but have both some significance and more known history than any of our other ancestor lines.  In addition DNA matches have shown how these links are live today.

The Streatfield name has a number of spellings as many surnames do.  The current lines tend to be those descended from the eldest son of Robert Streatfeild, 1514-1559 who use Streatfeild. He has a page on Wikipedia and elsewhere.  Robert lived at Chiddingstone and was involved in the Weald iron making business of Kent and Sussex, in the surrounding area.  The Weald Iron Industry is well researched if you are interested.

The other spellings are Streatfield and, later Stratfield or Strutfield.

His eldest son was Henry and his descendants became embedded into society through land holdings and marriages as well as industry such as mills and iron smelting.  The Wikipedia articles show more descendants of note.

Robert's second son was Richard, our direct ancestor and he also had many descendants but none of those seem to have become prominent in Society but were mainly farmers or, later, farm labourers around Kent. Until the late 1600's the family still seems to have been buried at the family church at Chiddingstone.

Turning to our connection, we are descended from John Streatfield and Mary Gates though two lines; John & Mary's eldest son Richard and their youngest daughter Dinah.  This connection was confirmed by the discovery of inscriptions in a small book once owned by Mary which had some dates and names of children of hers with John.  There were other very old books inherited from her through her grand-daughter Eleanor and a portrait, oil on copper, which was always said to be of Eleanor.

We had the painting examined by experts in clothing styles who said it was painted in a style from 1720-40, so much to early for Eleanor. Later an old chest of drawers was restored that had been in the family for as long as anyone could remember and that was found to be in a style also of around 1720.  Looking back along the timeline this suggests that hese items were originally from the generation before John.

The next family legend is about Eleanor Streatfield, the daughter of Richard and grand-daughter of John who, on her death stipulated that all her papers were to be destroyed. As the eldest daughter of Richard these may have thrown light on family history, who knows!

Revised on 20 June 2021