The families from Somerset and their links to Bedfordshire.

The names of this branch are maternal ancestors of Charlie Mead. His great-grandparent surnames are  Veasey & Hinde. The tree currently available is Vaisey.

The Vaisey  family are from Somerset, in the area between Shepton Mallet and Frome.  The family name is spelt in many ways, from Vesey to Voisy with Veasey being more favoured later.  From there one member, Henry Vaisey came to Hockliffe, Beds., and married a local girl and had 5 children, two of which married a Bird and Janes respectively.  He was a grocer in Edlesborough when he died in July 1854. The DNA match is strong, presumably as there is inheritance from other ancestors.

The other two matches are from descendants of Henry's brother Isaac's son Richard Vaisey, who had 8 children and so more matches may come to light.  These are not strong matches but the edidence is good otherwise.

No DNA links to any descendants of the Hinde family are known so far.


Revised May 2021.