From Surrey & West Kent.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Wansbury, Cansfield, Lane, Peak, Streatfield & Gates. The links to the descendant charts related to these matches are Wansbury, Lane & Streatfield.

A descendant of William Wansbury, & Emma Dinah Lane, is Emma Kate Stevenson, (3rd cousin). Both her brother, Matthew and her mother, Kathleen have been tested and the link firmly established. There are other trees with links to the Wansburys but their DNA tests show NO connection. Somewhere around Richard Wansbury or his father William Wansbury, the link is broken. Where and why this is is not known at this stage.

In the case of the descendants of Elizabeth Wansbury, who married Thomas Cheeseman, low level matches have come to light recently suggesting this couple as their shared ancestors.

A DNA match to Lydia Port, married to Sidney Thomas Stringer, who is a descendant of Elizabeth has shown up. This is via Jane Stevens, her mother Jane Bashford, and her mother Elizabeth Cheeseman. Lydia had a son, Charles Port with an unrecorded father before marrying and Jessica Connor has a match to her but also to my DNA. Sidney Stringer is, I think, most likely to be Charles Port's father based on these results and is recorded thus.

Another link is between Louise and Jessica Titshall (nee Cheeseman).  This is at only 6cM but points back through the same Cheeseman connection to William Wansbury.  The descendants are well supported by documentary evidence via Hobart to Melbourne.  This DNA match does not occur in my matches.

In another case there is a DNA test that suggests a link to Sarah Jane Wansbury, who is said to have married George Blundell but there is NO DNA link in trees said to have this link. This may be because there are several possible candidates for Sarah and George, the Blundell family in Kent is very large and the DNA is too diluted.

A link to John Streatfield & Mary Gates of Sevenoaks, is from a line to Frederick John Thorogood, (5th cousin, once removed), a line I had not explored before and a good confirmation of the tree back to this pivotal pair.

Descended from children of Dinah Streatfield, and James Lane, are links to descendants of four Lane children of Henry Lane. These are Jesse, William, Elizabeth, & Josiah. The descendants of Elizabeth are all in New Zealand from her marriage first to George Towersey, and then William Dunn. A number of tests on both Ancestry and MyHeritage show links to Hutchings too from the same source.  The Hutchings matches are on chromosome 3.  Other surnames linked to the NZ connections are Passfield, Keever & Buchanan. The latter appears in cluster 8 with Hutchings & Oyston on the MGJ match list.

Three matches have been established to descendants of Richard Streatfield & Margaret Deane, one as a result of cluster analysis on the Ancestry matches to Frederick George Sutherden, from a test on his daughter Linda Boyes (nee Sutherden) to MGJ. The second is a match at only 6 cM to William John George Bailey, from granddaughter Fiona Johnson with NGJ.  Both are confirmed with records.  The third is a common ancestor match to Martin Kilburn who shares 14cM with Melissa but has no other matches.  The record trail supports this link and is marked to his grandmother Winifred May Woodard.

Page revised July 2021.