The families from south Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

The Smith family, my mother's mother's family, came from the area around Market Deeping, including the other Deepings, especially Deeping St James.  The original Smith (John Sapcote) we know of may have come from the village of Thurlby, 10 km from Deeping St James but this is not proven. 

His son, Joseph, born around 1822 is recorded as being born in London according to the 1851 census.  However he, and his wife Harriet Palmer, lived in Deeping St James. Harriet and he were married in Deeping St James on 11 December 1842.  He was a Chimney Sweep and, after his marriage worked at that trade moving from Deeping St James to Gloucester before 1850 when their 3rd child was born and then to Dudley, Staffordshire around 1852 where my great-grandfather Philip was born on 23 May 1854.

By the birth of their 7th child, Elizabeth, January 1859, they wre all back in Deeping St James.


Revised on 13 June 2021