From Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Harrington, Garner, Franklin, Garling, Camp & Gazewood.

Sarah Harrington, was the daughter of James Harrington, & Frances Camp. None of Sarah's siblings have living descendants that I have found. However a link to the previous generation of Charles Harrington & Elizabeth Garner has just come to light and is being checked.

Even less is known about Frances Camp, her mother is unknown so far. Her father is Thomas Harvey Camp, 1781-1842. However there are ThruLine matches to a Richard Kent, 1742-1822 who has three children whose descendants have DNA matches to me. Richard is said to be from Sandon, Herts.

These are a) to Jennifer Webb, 8cM on 1 segment, from Richard Kent, 1770-1847; b) Franklyn Sharpe, 9cM on 1 segment, from William Kent, 1774-1851; c) jwshms (Spiller), 13cM on 1 segment, also from William Kent. My link is given as to Sarah Kent, 1776-1863 who is said to be the mother of Thomas Harvey Camp and daughter of the Richard Kent of 1742-1822. Note that two of these suggested matches are less than 10cM and so statistically unreliable.

So far I have not seen any documentary evidence that supports this link from Frances through her father; one issue is that her father was born only 5 years after her implied mother.  This is a work in progress.

Page revised on 17/04/2021.