From Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Harrington, Garner, Franklin, Garling, Camp & Gazewood. The family tree for this group is from Charles Harrington and is HERE.

Sarah Harrington, was the daughter of James Harrington, & Frances Camp. None of Sarah's siblings have living descendants that I have found. However a link to the grandparents of James, of Charles Harrington & Elizabeth Garner has come to light from a small but documented match to the grand-daughter of Clarence George Whittaker, Alison Stenlake with NGJ.

Even less is known about Frances Camp, her mother is unknown so far. Her father is Thomas Harvey Camp, 1781-1842. However there are ThruLine matches to a Richard Kent, 1742-1822 who has three children whose descendants have DNA matches to me. Richard is said to be from Sandon, Herts.

These are a) to Jennifer Webb, 8cM on 1 segment, from Richard Kent, 1770-1847; b) Franklyn Sharpe, 9cM on 1 segment, from William Kent, 1774-1851; c) jwshms (Spiller), 13cM on 1 segment, also from William Kent. My link is given as to Sarah Kent, 1776-1863 who is said to be the mother of Thomas Harvey Camp and daughter of the Richard Kent of 1742-1822. Note that two of these suggested matches are less than 10cM and so statistically unreliable.

So far I have not seen any documentary evidence that supports this link from Frances through her father; one issue is that her father was said to be born only 5 years after her implied mother.  This is a work that needs more information to appear!

Revised April 2022.