The family that went from Streatham, London to Florida in the 1890's.

This is about the origins of the Jefferies now in the USA.  It is worth noting that the connection between the English and Florida branches; descendants of Jonathan Jefferies and Harriet Button was tenuous after WW2 but rapidly expanded again to the present day. Earlier ancestors are discussed in Part 1.and the 'English Jefferies are in Part 3.

Jonathan Jefferies died in 1871. Harriet with her sons Peter and Henry stayed on in Streatham, the eldest son William dying before the 1871 census, William appears not to have married.

Their youngest son, Henry, by the 1871 census had a wife, marrying Martha Atkin from Spilsby, Lincolnshire.  How they met is not known to me!  Also by 1871 they were living next door to Henry's mother and brother and Henry had become a housepainter.  Henry died in 1892, it was said in the family due to lead poisoning from the paint used in those days.

He and Martha had 6 children, the eldest of which Jonathan Henry, born in Streatham on 5 May 1871, emigrated to Florida in 1888, worked on State Agricultural Experiment stations and become involved in breeding citrus varieties in Florida and North Carolina. His brother, George Atkin, born 29 June 1872, followed him in 1891 and founded a successful food retail and wholesale business.  Then in November 1892, 3 months after Henry's death, their mother Martha and 4 daughters all left Streatham, for Florida, probably needing support and work.

The daughters and their descendants can be found on the links as follows:-

Jane Jefferies; 15 July 1874-12 February 1960, m. Frederick McLellan Stearns, 25 Dec 1893 at Jacksonville, FL.

Harriet Mary Jefferies; 27 March 1877-16 November 1960.  Never married.

Martha Fanny Jefferies; 18 August 1879-6 June 1960, m. David Westfield Anderson, 26 April 1906, Jacksonville, FL.

Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies; 13 January 1882-19 October 1963, m. George Sturgis Crotty about 1905 in Florida.

The story of the Jefferies in the USA is best left to them.  However there are several interesting notes I will add, the first being why Jonathan Henry went to Florida at the age of 17. Jonathan Henry married Rosa Alice Smith, the daughter of Benjamin Smith and Kate Boomfield who originally came from Suffolk to Florida via Canada. At the time of Jonathan Henry's move to Florida Rosa was on the family farm in Putnam, Florida. Is this a connection?  What drew Jonathan Henry to Florida at that time?

There are well established DNA matches between the 'English' and 'US' Jefferies descendants.

Revised on 15 August 2021