from Northamptonshire & Rutland.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Todd, Collin, Hill, Huff, Bettles, Read, Skinner & Whiteman. The links to the descendant charts related to these matches are Todd,  Bettles & Skinner

The close connection between the Smiths and Todds mean there are matches shared in both lines.

The first link to the Bettles identified is to John Read Bettles, & Elizabeth Skinner, 1786-1869, the common ancestors via Edith Bettles, who went to the USA with Charles Worthington, in 1890 and whose descendant tested is to Walter Emerson Benson. There may be other Benson matches not yet resolved.

One generation further back is a link to Elizabeth Skinner's sister Mary to Karen Teresa Wade, (Nussman).  The match is 7cM on 1 segment at 5th cousin to me which is borderline but the other records are good. The ancestors in common are Thomas Skinner, 1765-1823, & Mary Whiteman, 1760-1836.

Yet another Todd & Bettles line has been confirmed to David Leslie Hartley, of Leeds who are connected by Victoria Lucy Todd, to Isaac Todd, and Elizabeth Bettles, my g-g-grandparents. More recently another match to this line is John Stephen Pickles, from Victoria's brother Isaac Harry Todd.

The use of DNA Painter has shown that some of the large matches seen with some American familes are quite persistent.  For example a group of matches I originally grouped around Rowland Hind, Patricia Bird, Mr Ellison and about 60 more, match at around 20cM on 1 segment, have American ancestor trees, and also match the other family members tested except LS.  Some of these person have their test on MyHeritage and/or GEDmatch where the main matches occur on chromosome 16.  From all this it seems most likely that their shared ancestry is with the Todd/Bettles/Skinner lines but how is not known!!

On MyHeritage other names linked by a cluster analysis to the Bettles & Todds are Baley, Ferrin & Quattrochi.  Recently looking at other matches on this site suggests matches on chromosome 5 at around 17cM may have Bettles connections but this needs more work. Names on GEDmatch at this position are Bennett, Gowan, Middleton and several are on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

More recently some DNA matches suggest that my children have DNA on their mother's side also linked to this line but this is not confirmed yet.

Updated July 2023.