The families of Todd, Bettles, Hill & Skinner from Rutland & Northants.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Todd, Collin, Hill, Huff, Bettles, Read, Skinner & Whiteman.

The first link to the Bettles found is to John Read Bettles, #788, the common ancestor of my mother and Edith Bettles, #3535, who went to the USA with Charles Worthington and link to Walter Emerson Benson, #6067.

Yet another Bettles line has been confirmed to David Leslie Hartley, #3796, of Leeds who are connected by Victoria Lucy Todd, #767 to Isaac Todd, #206 and Elizabeth Bettles, #207, my g-g-grandparents.

Elizabeth Skinner, the wife of John Read Bettles is linked to a Karen Wade Nussman via her sister Mary, a line still to be followed up. The match is 7cM on 1 segment at 5th cousin to me.

On MyHeritage other names linked by a cluster analysis to the Bettles & Todds are Baley, Ferrin & Quattrochi.

Updated on 6/10/19.