The families from Edlesborough, Totterhoe, Eaton Bray & Billington and later to Dunstable & Luton with migration to Utah, USA.

The names of this branch are paternal ancestors of Charlie Mead. His grandparent surnames are Cook, & Hamp, The trees currently available are Cook & Hamp.

The families come from the low agricultural lands to the north-west of the Chiltern Hills and were mainly farm labourers, straw dealers & plaiters.  The influence of the Non-Conformist Churches were strong and some emigrated to Utah after missionaries from of the Church of Latter-Day Saints from the USA visited in the 1850's.  Others moved into the towns of Dunstable and Luton for manufacturing work.  The founding families are from James Cook, 1170-1846, his wife Ann Hinson,  and John Hamp, 1747-1813 and his wife Mary Baldwin, 1750-1816.

There are matches to 4 of John Hamp's sons, Jacob, William, George and Matthew.

An interesting match is from the grandson of John & Mary Hamp, Benjamin down to James Henry Hanson who has a grandson from his daughter Florence Wopshott from an event during WW2. The exact relationship of the persons involved is not clear.

A match descended from William Hamp, is from Emily Agnes Hamp, born in 1882 in Northampton and who then went to the US. It appears that she was adopted by her uncle and aunt with the surname Constant, in 1887, but the exact relationship is unclear. Emily's daughter, Constance Baxter, is the DNA match from a test on her son, Cordon Bittner.

A well represented group of matches is from descendants of George Hamp to John Cook, 1837-1913, who emigrated from Leighton Buzzard to Brisbane, QLD, Australia with his wife, Sarah Tompkins and 8 children on 26 May 1883. I am aware of 7 matches so far to his descendants in Queensland. one not on the chart so far (Terese Clifford) but with a test on GEDmatch that matches to NGJ on chromosome 6 at 8.6cM and chromosome 10 at 20cM. The entry for John Cook has a long note from Tessa Clifford about her research into these matches.

Finally, there is a match to Ezra Timothy Hamp, 1856-1922, a descendant of Matthew Hamp, who, with his wife, Sarah Curtis, and family of 10 children went to Utah in 1882 and then to Idaho.  His parents also ended up in Idaho but the details have not been sorted out and also whether it has any connection with the move of the Birds many years earlier. 

It is becoming clear that it is very difficult to separate the Mead, Cook, Hamp, Peppiatt, Stanbridge and other lines because of intermarriage in a relatively small area.  There is considerable overlap in some of the trees.

Revised July 2023.