The descendants of William Titchener.

The Titchener family comes into the family tree as my 3rd Great-grandfather, William Titchener.  His great-grandson, Ernest George Titchener wrote an account of the arrival of William from Wiltshire to take up a position with Bartholomew Spain, a tenant farmer at Park Gate farm, Chelsfield, as Ernest puts it, sometime before the Battle of Waterloo, but, for some time we were unable to track down where in Wiltshire he was born, or who his parents were. The detail of this event is described in more detail on the Streatham History page.

William's origins and parents have now been sorted out but there is still no understanding of how or why William came to move from his place of birth near Highworth on the Wiltshire/Berkshire border to take up a position in Kent, some 130km/81miles in a straight line. He had at least two older brothers so there may have been an inheritance issue and his family may have had some unknown connection with Kent and the Spain family.

This aside Ernest then went on to document the cross connections between the Titcheners, the Wansburys and other families of the area around Chelsfield including their origins in some cases; this will be referred to again for the Staceys.

William Titchener married a local girl, Fanny Meekhams, who also worked at the farm.  Her familt is large and also made more interesting by the number of spellings of Meekhams around such as Mecomes!  However recently a DNA match led to contact with a Meekham decendant and now many more of the family are known.

William & Fanny had 6 children who also played an interesting part in the group of families at Chelsfield. Most of the boys worked as labourers on the local farms; I will pick on just two.  Anne Titchener, married Richard Stacey, my 2nd great-grandparents is dealt with in the Stacey accounts.

One of the boys, John Titchener (to be continued)

Revised on 5 August 2021