The Search facility is useful for quicker access to individuals, especially in families with many members, or to look for possible names. There is a ? button in the top right hand of the box for help in effectively using this search.

The Updated individuals page shows who has been added, or whose details have been amended, since the previous posted revision.

The Surname Index lists all persons on the database.  On each individual person's page there is a list of the Citations at the bottom from which the information is sourced so that the reader can check facts.  Each individual page has a 'Last Edited' box (above the Citations list) which indicates when it was last updated. 

There are Relationship Charts for each family group to give quick access to the members of major families covered here and show the connections between related lines. These charts now have colour coding for individuals known to have DNA matches to the family lines. Access to the ancestors and descendants any individual person is easy by using the Pedigree icon in red under that person's name on their page. This feature lists ancestors, partners and children all of which can be accessed directly from their names. 

John Cardinal, the creator of SS8 says:-

"The Interactive Pedigree Chart is a pedigree chart where the visitor can change the starting person of the chart to anyone visible in the chart.

The chart shows a subject and three to five generations of ancestors. A list above the subject shows the names of the subject's siblings. A list below the subject shows the names of the subject's partners and children. The user may refocus the chart to a new subject by clicking icons in the chart or by clicking the name of a sibling, partner, or child."  Use the browser arrows to navigate back and forth.

This enhanced chart function is also used in the Pedigee Charts and shows the family around each ancestor.

The Places Index can be used to find who in the database was present in which localities, see the Places Index page for more detail.

The pages on DNA Research for each family group, covers tests done with Ancestry for myself, my two children & 2 nieces. The results for my Ancestry test and my MyHeritage test are also on GEDmatch. This gives a summary of links found and not found!

 Icons  show the status of persons:-

a) In the indices, icons of country flags next to persons names show country of origin or residence where not in the British Isles.

b) an icon of a DNA helix in the person index and against their name on their persons page shows the person or close relative has a DNA match registered at Ancestry or MyHeritage to close members of the family. There is a Note explaining the connection on most of these persons.

c) an icon of a family tree shows the person has documented links to myself or my close family that has been re-affirmed by DNA matching.

Reviewed December 2022


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