Elizabeth F Crotty1

#166, (25 July 1908-9 October 1985)
Father*George Sturgis Crotty1 b. 1 Apr 1874
Mother*Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies1 b. 13 Jan 1882, d. 19 Oct 1963
ChartsThe Jefferies of Sible Hedingham, Essex
The Brettons of Sible Hedingham
The Buttons of Suffolk
Birth*25 JUL 1908 Elizabeth F Crotty was born on 25 JUL 1908 at Crescent City, Putnam, Florida, USAG.2 
(Witness) Residence2 MAY 1910 She lived with George Sturgis Crotty and Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies at Pripance St., Crescent City, Putnam, Florida, USAG.3 
(Witness) Residence5 JAN 1920 Elizabeth F Crotty lived with Martha Atkin at Crescent City, Putnam, FloridaG, together with George Sturges Crotty Jn and Catherine Lois Crotty.4 
Education*8 APR 1930  From 8 APR 1930 Elizabeth F Crotty was educated.5 
Residence*8 APR 1930 She lived at Alange General Hospital, Orlando, Orlando, Florida, USAG.5 
Marriage*1933 She married Franklin Bryant Reeder in 1933 at Flagler, Florida, USAG.6 
ResidenceAPR 1940 Elizabeth F Crotty and Franklin Bryant Reeder lived at Miami, Dade, Florida, USAG.7 
Employment*1944 Elizabeth F Crotty was employed as Nurse, Jackson Memorial Hospital.8 
Residence*1944 She and Franklin Bryant Reeder lived at 2381 NE 33rd Street, Miami, Dade, Florida, USAG.8 
ResidenceSEP 1985 Elizabeth F Crotty lived at Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, USAG.9 
Death*9 OCT 1985 She died on 9 OCT 1985 at Dade, Florida, USAG, aged 77.10,9 


Franklin Bryant Reeder b. 27 Nov 1903, d. Feb 1967
Marriage*1933 She married Franklin Bryant Reeder in 1933 at Flagler, FloridaG.6 
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