Catherine Lois Crotty1

#174, (3 March 1913-8 February 2001)
Father*George Sturgis Crotty1 b. 1 Apr 1874
Mother*Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies1 b. 13 Jan 1882, d. 19 Oct 1963
ChartsThe Jefferies of Sible Hedingham, Essex
The Brettons of Sible Hedingham
Birth*3 MAR 1913 Catherine Lois Crotty was born on 3 MAR 1913 at Crescent City, Putnam, Florida, USAG.2 
(Witness) Residence5 JAN 1920 She lived with Martha Atkin at Crescent City, Putnam, FloridaG, together with George Sturges Crotty Jn and Elizabeth F Crotty.2 
(Witness) Residence5 APR 1930 Catherine Lois Crotty lived with Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies at Prospect Street, Crescent City, Putnam, Florida, USAG.3 
Milit-Beg*15 APR 1941 Catherine Lois Crotty began military service on 15 APR 1941 at Florida, USAG.4 
Employment*1956 She was employed as Major, Medical Field Service School.5 
Death*8 FEB 2001 She died on 8 FEB 2001 at Palatka, Putnam, Florida, USAG, aged 87. 
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