John Carll1

#357, (1813-27 March 1879)
Birth*1813 John Carll was born in 1813 at Esher, Surrey, EnglandG.1 
Name Variation He was also known as Carel.1 
Baptism29 AUG 1813 He was baptized on 29 AUG 1813 at St George, Esher, Surrey, EnglandG.1 
INTerestsbt 1840 - 1845 He was interested in Secretary; Streatham Gardener's Society bt 1840 - 1845.2 
Employment30 MAR 1841 He was employed as Gardener to Stephen Wilson at Streatham, Surrey, EnglandG.3 
Residence30 MAR 1841 He lived at South side, Streatham Common, Streatham, Surrey, EnglandG.4 
Occupation*c 1845 The occupation of John Carll was 'Gardener.5
Marriage*21 OCT 1845 He married Mary Crockford, daughter of Thomas Crockford and Eleanor Buckland, on 21 OCT 1845 at Chelsfield, Kent, EnglandG.6,7,5 
Employment30 MAR 1851 John Carll was employed as Private gardener at Streatham, SurreyG.8 
(Witness) Marriage25 MAY 1852 He witnessed the marriage of John Titchener and Harriet Crockford on 25 MAY 1852 at St Leonard's Church, Streatham, Surrey, EnglandG.9,10 
INTerests* John Carll was interested in Scorer for Streatham Cricket Club.5 
Employment*30 MAR 1861 He was employed as gardener servant; Southlands at Streatham, SurreyG.11 
Residence*30 MAR 1861 He and Mary Crockford lived at Croydon Road, Streatham, Surrey, EnglandG.12 
Illness*c 1866 John Carll was ill with 'Rheumatism' c 1866.5 
Residence*4 OCT 1866 He and Mary Crockford lived at Streatham Common, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Henry John Titchener.5 
(Witness) Residencec 1868 John Carll lived with Henry John Titchener at Streatham Common, SurreyG, together with Mary Crockford.13 
Residence30 MAR 1871 John Carll lived at 2 Orchard Place, Croydon Road, Streatham, Surrey, EnglandG, together with Mary Crockford and Henry John Titchener.14 
Occupation30 MAR 1871 The occupation of John Carll was 'Greengrocer & Coal Dealer.15
Death*27 MAR 1879 He died on 27 MAR 1879 at Streatham, SurreyG.16,5,17 
Burial*2 APR 1879 He was buried on 2 APR 1879 at South Metropolitan Cemetery, Norwood, Surrey, EnglandG.18 
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