Charlotte Jefferies1

#606, (1836-March 1919)
Father*William Jefferies2 b. 1813, d. 18 Jan 1839
Mother*Sarah Smith2 b. 23 Jan 1811, d. Mar 1879
ChartsThe Jefferies of Sible Hedingham, Essex
Birth*1836 Charlotte Jefferies was born in 1836 at Sible Hedingham, Essex, EnglandG.3,4 
(Witness) Residence7 JUL 1841 She lived with Sarah Smith at Halsted Road, Sible Hedingham, Essex, EnglandG.5 
Occupation*31 MAR 1851 The occupation of Charlotte Jefferies was 'Straw Plaiter.6
Residence30 MAR 1871 She lived at Cottage, Swan Street, Sible Hedingham, Essex, EnglandG.7 
Residence30 MAR 1881 She lived at St James Street, Castle Hedingham, Essex, EnglandG.8 
Employment*4 APR 1881 She was employed as a Domestic Servant on 4 APR 1881.9 
Residence*30 MAR 1891 She lived at Mount Hill, Halstead, Essex, EnglandG.10 
Employment30 MAR 1891 She was employed as Domestic Servant; cook. at Halstead, Essex, EnglandG.11 
Residence30 MAR 1901 She lived at Swan Street, Sible Hedingham, Essex, EnglandG.12 
Note*2 APR 1911 She (an unknown value) on 2 APR 1911.13 
Residence2 APR 1911 She lived at Oddfellows Arms, St Albans, Hertfordshire, EnglandG.14 
Death*MAR 1919 She died in MAR 1919 at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, EnglandG.15 


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