From Dorset & Hampshire.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Davis, Barns (Barnes), Gatrell, & Preston.  There are a number of gaps in our knowledge of ancestors at this level.

The link to John Davis, # 1448, 1775-1840, & Sally Barns, # 728, 1774-1862,  of Christchurch has been revealed by 7 DNA matches so far, and these seven are reinforced by common ancestor links shown up on Ancestry. 

Two common ancestor matches are through John Davis' son John, 1803-1890 and his son John, 1832-1909. These are to Lesley Davis, #8302 and Averil Jane Davis, #10278.

The second line from John is though his daugher Emmeline, 1811-1882 through Elizabeth Spurrier to Edward Henry Collington of Poole, 1870-1940, #7449 to Lesley Barbara Collington, #8815, his granddaughter.

The third line with 4 matches is through John's son James, 1807-1885, to his daughter Sarah Ann Davis, 1842-1926. Her eldest son, Tom Galton, 1875-1948 leads to my mother Edith Elsie Galton to which mine, my children and my niece all match. Tom's eldest son Harry, 1877-1828, leads to Corinne J Thompson, # 10071 via her mother Maureen Gibbs, 1936-2016, #2114.

These matches are in large part due to the good on-line trees for this side of the family.

No identified connections have appeared in any of the cluster analyses done so far.  However, as with the Galtons, there are strong indications of connections from Hampshire matches to Newfoundland.

No other links have come to light on 29/12/2019.